The Role of Institutionalization Police Support in Emergency Situation: Evidence from Indonesia


  • Aris Irawan Faculty of Law, University Borneo Tarakan, Indonesia
  • Dewi Nurvianti Faculty of Law, University Borneo Tarakan, Indonesia
  • Rakotoarisoa Maminirina Fenitra Madagascar Institute of Political Studies, Madagascar
  • Mohammed AlHadi Ibrahim Bosha Ahmed Internasional University of Africa, Khartoum, Sudan



Role of Police Supporting Institutions in an Emergency in Indonesia. Regulations related to police duties and the condition of medical personnel are actually at the forefront of emergencies and pandemic disasters, but in Indonesia the police also called the front guard in efforts to prevent the emergency spread of Covid-19. It can be seen if there is gaps in the implementation of police duties during an emergency. This study aims to find out the existence of police as the institution that having mandate to manage and handle emergencies situation such as pandemic of COVID-19. This study used doctrinal legal research as one of the legal research methods. The findings show that management of health protection in Indonesia particularly in pandemic situation had not maximal. As can be seen there are several barriers to Indonesian Police in handling the emergency situations. Firstly, the internal problem in the institution, then it needs a revitalization. Secondly, the lack of adequate funding for the police’s performance. Thirdly, as well as the external cause is the lack of publick awareness or the culture of society to be able to cooperate with the police in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Author Biography

Aris Irawan, Faculty of Law, University Borneo Tarakan

Lecturer Univ. Borneo Tarakan


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